SafeNet High Speed Encryption: Proven Security and Performance

As sensitive assets cross networks from site to site and across data centers, on-premises, and in private and public clouds, organizations need to know that their data in motion is secure, especially in multi-tenant, geographically distributed environments. SafeNet High Speed Encryptors (HSE) offer powerful safeguards for data in motion, delivering Layer 2 encryption capabilities that provide security without compromise, as well as maximum throughput and minimal latency.

These solutions are simple to deploy and administer, so organizations can address critical security gaps to compensate for cryptographic overhead. SafeNet High Speed Encryptors have been proven in the most security-driven, performance-intensive environments, including multi-national corporations, global financial institutions, service providers, and defense agencies.

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The Data-in-Motion Encryption Mandate

High speed fibre-optic networks are the critical foundation that supports many of an organization's most vital communications and operations. However, this foundation is at risk of surveillance and attack by increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals and well-funded nation states.

These network connections, if unprotected, are proving to be highly vulnerable, leaving sensitive assets exposed. In fact, when data theft occurs, more than 60% of the time it is when data is in transit.

Threats such as shared infrastructure exposure, manin-the-middle attacks, metadata exposure leave your organization susceptible to a range of devastating repercussions, including fines, brand damage, competitive threats, and, for government agencies, a host of geopolitical risks.

Management Platforms

Gemalto offers the following management platforms, which can be used to centrally manage the entire suite of SafeNet High Speed Encryptors:

  • SafeNet Security Management Center (SMC). SMC is a robust, Web-based management platform that enables administrators to work with an intuitive interface for visualizing and managing network security. The platform can be used to remotely configure, update, authenticate, and monitor SafeNet High Speed Encryptors. With its comprehensive support for managing keys, certificates, and policies, SMC represents a comprehensive platform that eliminates the need to set up a separate PKI environment for network encryption platforms.
  • SafeNet Encryptor Manager CM7 (CM7). CM7 is an element manager designed for smaller deployments. The product offers an intuitive interface for configuring, managing, and monitoring encryptors. CM7, like SMC, can also be configured as a Certificate Authority for SafeNet encryptors running on your network.

Maximum Performance and High Availability

SafeNet High Speed Encryption solutions have been proven to deliver 99.999% uptime in some of the most demanding, performanceintensive environments.

The solutions have near-zero latency, and can operate in full-duplex mode at full line speed, without running the risk of packet loss. Further, the small amount of latency the solution does introduce is highly predictable, consistent with near zero jitter, and is unaffected by packet size.

There is also a zero-overhead option available for optimal performance. Plus, these solutions feature descriptive diagnostics that give administrators early warnings of potential issues.

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