Application Performance


Application Performance Evaluation Solutions



Application Performance Management (APM) is now a key IT discipline because maintaining the performance and availability of applications is the primary service an IT department provides to the enterprise. To enable this vital activity, OPNET has been delivering pioneering APM Performance Evaluation Solutions for more than ten years, and has emerged as a leading provider of solutions in this rapidly growing market.


By implementing a comprehensive APM solution, IT organizations can realize the following high-impact benefits:

  • Observe the experience of real application users live, and alert on SLA violations.
  • Trend historical performance of an application to detect or confirm degradation in user experience.
  • Accelerate troubleshooting and remediation.
  • Eliminate “finger-pointing” among teams, promoting cooperative approaches to solving problems.
  • Detect early warnings signs of application performance problems and take preventive action.
  • Understand the relationship among applications and infrastructure components.
  • Make informed decisions about infrastructure improvements related to application performance
  • Reduce the risk of delay or failure by verifying application readiness prior to deployment


OPNET’s APM capabilities are the most comprehensive in the industry and cover all functional areas.


End User Experience Monitoring (EUE monitoring).

OPNET’s AppResponse Xpert is a truly unique solution in the EUE space, offering not only end user experience information at the transaction level, but also the “next steps” typically required by analysts, allowing them to break down EUE data and drill down into various parts of the application infrastructure to understand the contributors to application performance issues. Equally valuable to Application Support teams and Network teams, AppResponse Xpert offers more functionality and advanced analytics in a single appliance than is possible to obtain using several devices in other vendors’ APM solution suites.


Application Component Monitoring.

This functional area is also sometimes called “deep component monitoring” because of the fine-grained information that it typically collects. Precise and detailed application component monitoring is fundamental to a comprehensive APM capability. OPNET’s AppInternals Xpert continuously provides real-time visibility across all servers in the application environment. AppInternals Xpert tracks thousands of system and application metrics from the Java/.NET application server, web server, database tiers, operating system, virtualization platform, and other infrastructure components, including application-specific data sources. Leveraging patented low-overhead technology, AppInternals Xpert’s agents trace code path information for transactions as they execute across multiple tiers. Powerful correlation technology automatically uncovers relationships among metrics to rapidly identify root causes. AppInternals Xpert also offers the industry’s most advanced memory leak analysis for production environments. For enhanced visibility into database tiers, whose performance is critical to many business applications, AppSQL Xpertprovides zero-overhead monitoring. In addition, for agentless access to a vast collection of application component types, AppSensor Xpert uses remote access protocols and public interfaces, such as SNMP to enhance the full picture of the application infrastructure.


Multi-Tier Transaction Analysis

AppTransaction Xpert is the industry’s most popular and powerful solution for in-depth transaction analysis across multiple tiers. AppTransaction Xpert integrates directly with The AppResponse Xpert family of appliances and AppInternals Xpert to deliver unique end-to-end tracing spanning network and server components. Analysis includes contribution of all network and server delay contributions. The solution automatically produces reports tailored to Engineering or Management audiences.


Application Mapping

AppMapper Xpert is a break-through solution in the field of application discovery and dependency mapping. AppMapper Xpert is unique in that it shares the instrumentation already in place for comprehensive performance management in order to produce an up-to-date model of an application’s infrastructure based on behavior observed in the runtime environment. AppMapper Xpert’s leverages diverse information sources to generate more holistic and accurate application models than other mapping solutions. These sources include AppResponse Xpert to observe relationships among servers via the network, and AppInternals Xpert to analyze the processing activity within each server.


Analytics and Data Archiving

Analytics are embedded throughout the APM Xpert suite to deliver information on time-scales ranging from real-time behavioral analysis for alerting purposes, to long-range trending for management reporting and decision support. Performance information is retained through a federated database approach across all of the solutions of the suite. Forensic data obtained through detailed tracing is harvested and maintained using a centralized database in AppTransaction Xpert Packet Trace Warehouse, which provides advanced search and correlation functions to assemble the complete picture of a transaction’s execution.