FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention

Identify, Analyze, and Block Mobile Attacks Within Your Organization

Malicious apps can access a trove of invaluable user information that can be used to perform attacks via the Web and email threat vector. FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention identifies and stops mobile threats. Rather than relying on signatures—which are powerless against today’s constantly changing threats—FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention executes apps within the FireEye MVX engine to protect mobile devices against compromise.

Datasheet-Mobile Threat Prevention structure

FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP) offers real-time visibility of threats on mobile devices, displays play-by-play analysis of suspicious apps, provides an index of pre-analyzed apps, and generates threat assessments for custom apps. FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention also leverages the broad FireEye ecosystem by exchanging hreat intelligence through the FireEye Dynamic Threat Intelligence™ (DTI) cloud.


  • Identifies and blocks attacks against Android and iOS devices
  • Uses the FireEye® Multi-Vector Virtual Execution™ (MVX) engine to perform contextual correlation—connecting disparate actions for a full picture of the app’s intent—to uncover malicious and unwanted behaviors
  • Provides granular visibility into mobile device compromise as well as enforcement options for security administrators
  • Presents detailed behavioral analytics including a live-analysis mode where organizations can visually see the impact of malicious and unwanted behavior specific to the industries you care about



  • BYOD Deployments —offers proactive protection for unsecured BYOD deployments
  • Mobile Forensics—provides deep inspection capabilities for mobile threat and vulnerability management
  • App Development—enables security auditing for offshored app development
  • Enterprise App Stores—identifies secure apps for employee use


Datasheet-Mobile Threat Prevention