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Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) IP VPN


 One Network for all your Voice & Data Applications!


One network for all applications was always a dream, but now with MPLS IP VPN it can be reality. MPLS IP VPN combines the flexible connectivity and scalability of IP-based services with the security, privacy and quality of ATM and frame relay.


MPLS IP VPN service delivers a flexible, customizable, any-to-any network that enables you to connect corporate headquarters, branches, distribution facilities, data centers and other locations quickly and easily. Now you can converge all your existing business traffic, even latency-sensitive applications, onto one network. Reduce costs, simplify operations and meet the demands of today’s business enterprises with MPLS IP VPN.


Benefits of MPLS IP VPN 


  • MPLS IP VPN provides simplified operations with carrier-managed service, which reduces operational costs by offloading complicated routing decisions to a Tier 1 Carrier Network. You have a managed end-to-end turnkey solution for full service lifecycle support through one provider and one account team with multilingual customer support.
  • MPLS IP VPN is flexible networking with a Logical Migration Path. Build and maintain a single network by applying Class of Service (CoS) to support multiple, widely varying applications, from e-mail to live video. Leverage your existing network investment while providing a migration path to “cutting edge” MPLS-based IP VPN service.
  • MPLS IP VPN has scalable multiple access options. Choose from a wide variety of access technologies (ATM, frame relay, private line, or Ethernet) to meet the needs of specific locations. Securely connect mobile users and remote sites to your network from just about anywhere in the world with virtually unlimited capacity. You can scale bandwidth when you need additional capacity to meet increased traffic requirements of media rich applications.
  • MPLS IP VPN has global reach. MPLS IP VPN solutions delivers worldwide fully meshed MPLS-enabled IP VPN networks covering hundreds of cities in dozens of countries. The result is business connectivity that enables interaction with remote offices, business partners, industry communities and customers, regardless of location or business application.
  • MPLS IP VPN offers an adaptable network topology. Now you can easily accommodate your growing business when it needs to add locations or alter the flow of communication between locations, all without the hassle of ordering, provisioning and managing complex virtual Layer 2 circuits.
  • MPLS IP VPN is performance. MPLS encapsulation and switching provides superior performance over Internet-based CPE IP VPNs that adhere to stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • MPLS IP VPN has built in security. MPLS encapsulation and isolation provides ATM-like data security and virtual route and forwarding instances (VRF). MPLS provides a private segregated VPN for each customer, with dedicated IP VPN provider edge routers isolated from the public Internet, anti-spoofing in provider edge router, secure Internet access options, and 24×7 operational security team.
  • MPLS IP VPN is cost effective. MPLS IP VPN economically consolidates Layer-2 and Layer-3 applications over a secure private network.
  • MPLS IP VPN comes with aggressive SLAs. MPLS IP VPN SLAs address issues like jitter, service availability, latency, packet loss and Quality of Service.
  • MPLS IP VPN comes with multiple billing options. You can choose from usage-based, flat rate, and / or committed with usage billing profiles.
  • MPLS IP VPN is economical. Now you can utilize multi-service MPLS IP VPN ports for dedicated Internet access and reduce the need and costs of additional local loops and ports.
  • MPLS IP VPN has great network visibility. Web-based monitoring tools accessed via a customer portal allows you to view end-to-end metrics for latency, packet loss, availability and jitter, so you can maintain optimum network performance and business productivity.
  • MPLS IP VPN has 7x24x365 network monitoring. You have coverage via a Network Control Center so your IT staff can focus on other important tasks.
  • MPLS IP VPN can be deployed quickly. Pre-packaged CPE and managed services simplify set up procedures and reduce installation intervals so you can begin enjoying all the benefits of MPLS IP VPN service faster.


What is MPLS IP VPN? 


MPLS stands for “Multiprotocol Label Switching”, and is an IETF initiative that integrates Layer 2 information about network links into Layer 3 IP within a particular autonomous system in order to simplify and improve IP-packet exchange. MPLS gives network operators a great deal of flexibility to divert and route traffic around link failures, congestion, and bottlenecks. In an MPLS network, incoming packets are assigned a “label” by a “label edge router (LER)”. Packets are forwarded along a “label switch path (LSP)” where each “label switch router (LSR)” makes forwarding decisions based solely on the contents of the label. At each hop, the LSR strips off the existing label and applies a new label, which tells the next hop how to forward the packet.


Network operators for a variety of purposes establish LSP, such as to guarantee a certain level of performance, to route around network congestion, or to create IP tunnels for network-based virtual private networks. In many ways, LSP are no different than circuit-switched paths in ATM or Frame Relay networks, except that they are not dependent on a particular Layer 2 technology. A LSP can be established that crosses multiple Layer 2 transports such as ATM, Frame Relay or Ethernet. Thus, one of the true promises of MPLS is the ability to create end-to-end circuits, with specific performance characteristics, across any type of transport medium, eliminating the need for overlay networks or Layer 2 only control mechanisms.


Why are MPLS IP VPNs so appealing? 


The most popular MPLS-based services today are IP VPNs, which provide private and secure IP routing between customer sites across a common MPLS backbone network. MPLS IP VPNs are highly successful on a global basis and have been deployed in the US, Europe and Asia. MPLS IP VPNs continue to grow in popularity, with telecommunications research firms projecting a 250% increase in deployments between 2002 and 2006. The dramatic growth of MPLS IP VPNs is due to their wide appeal to both carriers and customers. They allow carriers to add value to existing services. For example, IP VPNs may be bundled with existing Frame Relay or Internet access. This compatibility with existing services offers a migration path for ATM and Frame Relay customers. MPLS IP VPNs also allow carriers additional revenue potential in a time when few service offerings are experiencing strong customer demand. For businesses, MPLS IP VPNs hold wide appeal because of their ability to offer greater connectivity compared to ATM and Frame Relay services at a competitive price point. For network administrators, MPLS IP VPNs provide greater simplicity since a carrier provides management. MPLS IP VPN services offer tremendous flexibility because customers can connect their sites via a wide range of access speeds and technologies.


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