StoneFly ISCSI San Software


  Seven Steps to Cost-Effective  Disaster Recovery  With IP SAN Technologies                          

Disk-to-Disk Backup & Restore and Off-Site Replication Now Within Reach of SMEs


  It’s All About Restoring Your Data                                                                                             

Achieving Rapid Business Resumption with Highly Efficient Disk-to-Disk Backup & Restore


  Securing an IP SAN                                                                                                                                

SANs deliver the capability for any server to access any storage device. Though this is extremely powerful and cost effective, it is obvious that security measures must be in place to prevent illegal access to data and to prevent accidental corruption or loss of data. Networked storage can introduce security vulnerabilities. To counter these weaknesses, it is important to adopt storage-specific security policies and practices.


  StoneFly Backup Advantage-for Storage Consolidation, Automated Disk-to-Disk Backup, Archiving and Remote Replication                                                                                                       

The prohibitive cost of traditional methods of retaining, managing, and disposing of regulatory compliance records, as well as the sheer volume of newly generated records, has resulted in the need for easy-to-use backup and restore solutions.


  Information Lifecycle Management Using StoneFly Backup Advantage                                        

ILM is about applying policies to the management of the data as it pertains to storage. It’s a new approach to managing information that uses policies, processes, practices, and data management software to align the business value of information with the most appropriate and cost-effective infrastructure.


  The Secret to Affordably Protecting Critical Data                                                                              

Today, many IT managers are looking to innovative new practices using tiered storage and information classification to optimize access and retrieval while balancing regulatory retention requirements. The ultimate goal is to develop storage and operational practices that not only maximize storage investments, but also ensure that data is protected. Often it requires integrating multiple heterogeneous storage methods with backup and restore, local mirroring, remote data replication, security, and archival applications with information life-cycle management (ILM) policies (ILM is the process of aligning data in tiered storage according to its value).


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