FireEye EX Series

Threat Prevention Platforms that Combat  Advanced Email-based Cyber Attacks

FireEye EX Series

The FireEye EX series secures against advanced email attacks. As part of the FireEye Threat Prevention Platform, the FireEye EX uses signature-less technology to analyze every email attachment and successfully quarantine spear-phishing emails used in advanced targeted attacks. With all the personal information available online, a cybercriminal can socially engineer almost any user into clicking a URL or opening an attachment. The FireEye EX series provides real-time threat prevention for spear-phishing attacks that evade traditional defenses. The EX also delivers a new level of threat prevention against blended attacks by working with the FireEye NX platform to quarantine emails with malicious URLs and trace Web-based attacks back to the original spear-phishing email.


  • Protects against spear-phishing email attacks
  • Integrates with the FireEye NX series to stop blended attacks across multiple threat vectors
  • Analyzes emails for threats, such as zero-day exploits, attacks hidden in ZIP/RAR/TNEF archives, and malicious URLs
  • Deploys in active protection-mode as an MTA, or monitor-mode (SPAN/BCC)
  • Quarantines malicious emails with optional user notifications
  • Integrates with the FireEye cloudbased anti-virus and anti-spam protection engine for complete email security


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