FireEye HX Series

Endpoint Threat Prevention Platform that Detects, Analyzes, and Resolves Security Incidents on the Endpoint

Organizations invest millions of dollars on top-knotch security teams as well as security systems to prevent threats and keep attackers out. Despite these investments, determined attackers still manage to compromise organizations and steal their intellectual property and financial assets. The Endpoint Threat

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Prevention Platform equips security teams to confidently detect, analyze, and resolve incidents in a fraction of the time it takes when using traditional approaches.


Integrated network and endpoint security: Validate and analyze network alerts by finding matching activity on endpoints.

  • Reach endpoints anywhere: Innovative Agent Anywhere technology reaches remote endpoints outside the corporate network and behind NAT.
  • Detect threats using robust threat intelligence: Apply threat intelligence from FireEye to find advanced threats in your IT environment.
  • Contain compromised devices within a single click workflow: Isolate compromised devices with a single mouse click to deny attackers access to systems while still allowing remote investigation.
  • Quickly investigate all endpoints: Investigate tens or hundreds of thousands of endpoints in a matter of minute


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