FireEye NX Series for Web Security

Cyber criminals use the Internet to compromise data networks.  First they bypass existing legacy security infrastructure and then launch a base for long term access and control.  The end result is stolen data, loss of time and money, and ultimately broken trust with valued customers.

FireEye protects your network data and intellectual property from today’s cyber attackers.  Our customers include over 2,700 corporations and government agencies in 67 countries.  FireEye’s market leading MVX Technology, in tandem with our aggressive incident response team, can help your organization minimize costly impacts from data breaches.


FireEye Network Security NX Series

FireEye NX Series provides:

  • Real Time Threat Prevention
  • Fights Across Multiple Vectors
  • NX Series is deployed in-line
  • Supports multi-gigabit throughput
  • Supports Windows and Mac OSX on single appliance
  • Remote and branch office solutions



Datasheet-FireEye Network Security NX Series