Authentication Products


Multi-Factor Authentication Products


The SAM Authentication Migration Bundle

A robust authentication platform for customers considering their evolving and expanding business needs and requirements, SafeNet Authentication Manager supports any of our authenticators and any authentication method through a single-server management platform, and supports authentication and SSO for cloud applications and mobile device credentialing and management.


Safeword 2008 Migration Bundle

The option for those wanting to quickly and effortlessly deploy SafeNet’s Fully Trusted Authentication. SafeWord 2008 features seamless integration for Active Directory, offers multiple APIs for leading VPN platforms, delivers a choice of One-Time-Password (OTP) authenticators, and supports authentication and SSO for cloud applications.


SAM Screen etoken pass image MobilePass iPhone

Management Platforms

  • SafeNet Authentication Manager
  • SafeWord 2008
  • BlackShield-Service Provider Solutions
  • BlackShield-Enterprise Solutions

One-time Password Authenticators

  • eToken PASS
  • eToken 3500
  • SafeNet Gold
  • BlackShield-Keyfob Tokens
  • BlackShield-SMS Tokens

Software Authentication

  • eToken Virtual
  • MobilePASS
  • BlackShield-Software Tokens
 eToken PRO Anywhere eToken 4100 image eToken NG-OTP One Time Password

Certificate-based USB Authenticators

  • SafeNet eToken 5100
  • SafeNet eToken 5200
  • eToken PRO
  • eToken PRO Anywhere
  • iKey 4000
  • iKey 2032  

Certificate-based SmartCards

  • SafeNet eToken 4100
  • eToken PRO Smartcard
  • Smart Card 650
  • Smart Card 400
  • BlackShield-Credit Card Tokens


  • eToken NG-FLASH
  • eToken NG-OTP
  • iKey 1000

Security Applications

  • eToken Network Logon
  • SafeNet Authentication Client
  • eToken SDK
  • eToken Single Sign-On
  • BSec Middleware
  • SafeNet OTP Authentication Engine


CipherWire Networks offers market leading SafeNet Multi-factor Authentication Solutions.  If you are interested in receiving a SafeNet Authentication Quote, please submit information on the Quote Request Form on the right side of this page.  One of our sales representatives will provide you with a SafeNet Authentication Price.